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White water rafting is a great way to see spectacular scenery and to enjoy working as a team to negotiate thrilling rapids. The Kahikatea Outdoor Education Academy is able to offer a range of White Water Rafting experiences . Our rafting operations are contracted out to M​ohaka Rafting who have an independent safety audit from Adventure Mark, providing you with safety assurance.

Mohaka River (Grade 2)

The Mohaka River is 35mins drive from Napier and provides excellent wilderness rafting and sensational trout fishing. The Grade 2 section of this river stretches for more than 40km's and trips can be run as day trips or multi-day expeditions. These sections are very popular with raft fishing or fun family outings.

Mohaka River (Grades 3, 4 and 5)

Trips on these sections can also be arranged, contact us for more information.

Why come with us?

  • Our river trips are EPIC!
  • The river guides are qualified!
  • Trips are educational!
  • The scenery is majestic!
  • We specialise in fun and adventure
  • You are important to us!
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